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Introducing SonoCure

Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator Exclusively for Veterinary Surgery

The revolutionary technology embedded in SonoCure opens a new approach in veterinary surgery for small animals, especially.  Implementing the ultrasonic, non-rotational mechanism, this device preserves versatility and precision while minimizing invasive maneuvers during both soft and hard tissue dissections. Such characteristic are exceptionally important when operating on compact sections of the body. SonoCure, as a result, mitigates tissue damage on animal patients and reduces stress on surgeons. 

Three Actions

SonoCure combines emulsification, irrigation, and aspiration, operating them simultaneously for maximum precision and control.


Two Tissues

The SonoCure system can be operated for both soft and hard tissue surgery, enunciating versatility. The selection of SonoCure tip further expands the veterinarians' capability and the broad range of soft/hard tissue applications.


One Revolutionizing System

SonoCure diverges from the conventional rotating drills, utilizing ultrasonic vibration instead to cut calcified tissue. The combination of ultrasonic technology and torsional vibration brings forth great advantages.

  • Reduced Damage and Stress
  • For Soft and Hard Tissue
  • Enhanced Tissue Selectivity
  • Interchangeable Tips