*Motion is exaggerated for presentation.

*Motion is exaggerated for presentation.

The SonoCure Soft-Tissue Tips

The ultrasonic tip vibrates against the targeted tissue. Under ultrasonic environment, fluids in the tissue undergo cavitation, which breaks up the cell membranes and emulsifies tumor and other soft tissues. Emulsification, on the other hand, does not occur on elastic structures, such as blood vessels and nerves, generating high tissue selectivity. 

Ultrasonic vibration against structures, especially hard tissue, induces heat due to friction. The irrigation system supplies saline water to maintain a cool tip, while removing the emulsified tissue from the area.

Vacuum aspiration removes the emulsified tissue and fluids.


Longitudinal-Torsional, Hard-Tissue Tips

SonoCure's ultrasound integrates torsional vibration in addition to the longitudinal movement, producing the ability to fragment hard tissue. Compared to the standard surgical bone drill with rotation, SonoCure's longitudinal-torsional vibration allows higher level of control for the ultimate cutting result.
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