SonoCure Handpiece 

Reduced Damage and Stress

The vibrating movement maintains significantly lower kickbacks than the standard rotating surgical drills used for cutting hard tissue. Due to the absence of rotating motion, SonoCure eliminates the risk of catching nerves and blood vessels during operation. The SonoCure system reduces the possible inadvertent damage to structures adjacent to the target locations and lowers stress on the surgeons.


Soft Tissue, Hard Tissue

Merging the movement of torsion with oscillation, both soft and hard tissue dissections are capable. In addition, large variety of tips increases the flexibility of use. The extent of soft and hard tissue applications include tumor removal, liver resection, hemilaminectomy, gallbladder separation, etc.


Enhanced Tissue Selectivity

The SonoCure tip emulsifies soft tissue and bone while preserving more elastic tissues like blood vessels and nerves from damage. High selectivity is possible because cavitation, produced by the ultrasonic aspirator, only breaks down hydrous tissues.

Interchangeable Tips

The tips are interchangeable, allowing surgeons to switch operation between soft and hard tissue dissection.


SonoCure Console


Compact and Cost Effective

The ultrasonic fragmentation, irrigation, aspiration, and water supply are all incorporated into one system, requiring no auxiliary device while saving space.


Great Operability and Responsiveness

All necessary settings can be controlled with the user-friendly interface on the front. The responsive foot switch does not produce any time lag, giving all control to the veterinarians.